So here we are again

Hey, it's SPORES #3 on the internet. After five monthes of waiting SPORES #3 on paper is finally out. You can email me and order it from me. No one ever sends any mail ever, it kinda sux. So, this internet thing gets updated about once every few months which is not nearly enough to keep up with everything but I have better things to do with my life like homework or going to gigs, or getting drunk. I'm still waiting for the day when I actually use the full 24 hours in a day to my advantage. Think about how much more time we would have if no one ever slept. But then you gotta think about how much everyone would hallucinate. Oh well. Anywaysm enjoy this ezine thingy even though you and i both know it sucks a lot. Sign my guest book, send me email. Do, ya know, stuff.