Issue #11

That was some funky shit huh? huh? Welcome to issue 11? I'm still going strong, although I don't quite get out to shows anymore...and I'm not really part of the scene anymore...but I sort of am because I still write S.P.O.R.E.S. well not lately...but eventually. HAve you ever felt like the life you're living is suddenly not yours anymore? I have an obession with that boy in N Sync andfor some reason...I can't put my finger on it in the pat couple weeks I've begun to think he's the hottest thing alive and even though I have strong suspicions he's gay (if you know him don't tell him I said that) I still can't get enough of that new video of theirs. What can I say, I like curly hair (not that their's anything with straight hair because I like straight brown hair and green eyes too...I gotta cover my ass if my Nick reads this so he doesn't think I'm a psycho teeny bopper stalker). Other than that not much is eight years come see me I'll be a clinical psychologist ready to diagnose all your psychological problems and in five years I'll have a BA in internatioal business, so sure what I'm going to do with that yet. Why am I telling you this? Do you really care about my future? All you care about is eating chicken and reading Good Housekeeping. Don't come to me in 10 years asking for borrow $50 000 for a new kidney because I'm just gonna have to turn you away, even if you do bring the icecream. God I hate my hair, it's brown...brown. If you can recommend a good place where I can work and still maintain rainbow colourd locks please email me at (in Calgary please...since I live so close and all). Have you ever felt like laughing and crying at the same time? The world is such a strange place. Email me if you agree. SO many things are so different than they used to be and I'm desperately trying to cope, and lucky you you get to read my story. Stay strong, read on.

P.S. body piercing is not dated, it only goes out of style if you got the just be to trendy. Don't grow up aiming to be a flash in a pan, light up the whole damn universe.

Wait, wait, I guess you've heard about company's on the internet that pay people an hourly rate to surf the net well it just so happens that I'm a member of a heck of a lot of them and let me tell you they aren't half bad. TO check them out click here but if you really don't care then just read on...
The Project Yeah okay, if you want to find out what kind of project it is you're just gonna have to click and find out
When we were kids
University Sucks
So watcha wanta do?
Inferiority Complexes I had in High School
It's always the same
Do you ever wonder why people lie about who they really are? Dude that's it, and the articles aren't even written yet because I'm concentrating on the project. SO check back at a later date.