For over a year now we the writers of S.P.O.R.E.S. (well, Emily and I, and a buncho selected other writes) have been bringing you the reader quality reading material. We hope you've been enjoying it, because honestly this is my life, I haven't left my room in the past six months, it's like I'm some kind of pshychotic retarded hairy monkey locked in his/her cage who has begun chewing on his/her own foot due to malnutrition and psychoticness (WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT?). And here, yet again, without fail, is issue six. This took more than six months to put together, so dammit you best be appreciating it. Sit back enjoy, order a written copy. By the way did you know that the ezine and the paper zine have completely different articles? Yes that's right, a helluva lot more thought goes into the paper copy, which is why you should all order it, but surprise surprise, none of you ever do. Oh well, life goes on, oh bla dee oh bla da. Read of fellow soldiers.

The joys of summer
So this is what we get
Growing up
Chaos in a field of tranquility
Get this stick of dynamite out of my pants
What if penguins could fly?