How you ever gone to a search engine and looked for "make money surfing the net" sites? There's like 10 millions of them out there right now with hundreds of different companies that pay you to surf the net, or retail companies that pay you to be an affiliate (provided you sell stuff through your site), and companies that pay oyu to read email, and so on and so on and so's really crazy. THink about the number of people that are now members of all of these programs, think about how much money you could be making right now if you were the first one to become a member of the first make money surfing company; you'd be making thousands through referrals.

So this little project isn't quite working out the way I planned. You know how it is when you're sitting in a lecture (or class whatever) and all all you can think about is how much you would hate having a real job...well maybe that doesn't happen to you but it happens to me all the time. It's not like I don't want to be there I just feel so much pressure because this is it you know? I'm in university working towards what I'm actually going to be doing for a large part of my life and sometimes I think maybe I won't make it to med school and then what am I supposed to do? Fall back on psychology. But anyways I'm sitting through those lectures and doing the labs and trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for next semester if my loan doesn't come through because I only get paid $500 a month and it costs about $2500 a semester to go to I can manage that, if I never go out again. So then you see these great ads on someone's web site, "Make money surfing the net" and you think hey that's easy money...until you figure out it's about 20 bucks a months which pays for half a night at the bar. I need more internet friends, like 1000 more and then I would just be rolling in the dough. I wouldn't even half to have a part time job.

So I've gotten one referral for Alladvantage which is okay, but you have to wait like 6 months to get the viewbar so that referrral won't even be able to start surfing and making money until August. It seems like my other referals didn't even download their viewbar or if they did they don't even surf the net...or maybe they haven't gotten their viewbar yet which is wierd because most of them (most of 5) were referred last June which, using my university math skills was 8 months ago.