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So what's up with supermodels?

Did you remember to do your homework before going to bed last night?

Is a post secondary education really necessary to make something out of your life?

So what's up with people who bash capitalism and go out every weekend to buy new cd's and that cool jacket they saw in that store last week and those cool boots that they just have to have, and they're still living at home because their parents are paying for their univeristy education and just bought them that new car and still give them allowance even though they're 20 years old? Just go live in the fucking jungle with a pointy stick if you hate capitalism so much.

Did you remember to turn off the lights and put down the toilet seat when you left the bathroom?

Do you prefer boxers or briefs? BOXERS briefs
Don't you just love me? do you even have to ask? How could i not?

So, here we are, your beloved Michelle with her very own ezine. We don't know very much (damn near nothing) about how to make a home page but we really wanted one, and we just coudn't wait until Christmas Mommy! Anyways, lack of knowledge never stopped us from doing stuff before, if it did your reason for living (SPORES) would not exist and you'd be dead right now, so aren't you glad we're so daring?

Come over here...can I tell you a secret? No one fills out this fucken survey and it's starting to pissing me off. We would honestly like some feedback and not too many of you guys sign the guestbook, just about none of you email me ever so if you're here please take the time to make some comments and send in a quality link or too. It'd make me sooo happy I'd just cream my pants. Not really, i'm not that kind of girl...or am I?

Bye Bye.

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