Did you know that it's legal for females to walk around topless in the province of Ontario? Well I'm sure you know if you live in Canada, but I'm sure that's news to you American's who don't even know where Ontario is, or what a province is for that matter (I'm not attacking all American's, I'm just stating the fact that some American's do not know). I'm sure many women greatly embraced the new law and enthusiastically ripped their shirts off proudly walking down the streets breasts hanging free. I'm sure it must be very freeing for some women who want to right to be equal to men who are able to walk around without their shirts on in the hot summer. Personally I would not want to walk around topless and frankly it would make me feel inredibly uncomfortable to see women walking around with no shirts on.

I'm sure many women revel in the fact that they have gained the right to walk around topless because well I suppose it is somewhat a step in equality of the sexes. If it became legal in Alberta and I was forced to see women breasts hanging out and all while walking downtown I would feel wierd. Honestly I wouldn't want to see women walking around without shirts on. Maybe I'm old fashioned and maybe I was raised to believe that my body is sacred and my breasts are for only me, my lover and my gynocologist to see but I don't care, that is what I believe. It's already frightening enough to see men with hairy backs and gigantic beer guts who are less than appealing walking down the street without their shirts on I would not be impressed with seeing a woman's sagging breasts etc. in the same picture. I just wouldn't want to see it becasue well I think it would scare me.

As for myself I would not take advantage of the law and whip off my shirt and allow horny old men, little children, homeless perverts etc. to stare are my naked breasts. I just wouldn't want to do it. I do not feel that comfortable around strangers, especially strangers that already see me as nothing more than a sex object who now get an extra show for free. I just wouldn't want to do it. I'm already insecure enough, I wouldn't want other people out there gawking at me making me feel even more uncomfortable and more like a piece of meat.

I do not really believe the right to wear no shirt is equalizing because well regardless of whether it is a law, regardless of whether you are comfortable with yourself, people are still going to stare at you and judge you and tell you to put your shirt back on if you're less than beautiful and gawk if you are beautiful. I see it as a no win situation. I like clothing. I like to wear clothing. So I'll keep my clothing on, no matter how you see it.