I am proud to say that I am an illustrious employee of Zellers. That's right the discount department store, like Wal-Mart but Canadian and not as clean. Frankly the one I work at has an unpleasant odour all the time. The manager looks like The Critic (remember that cartoon? it was on after the simpsons...John Lovitz?).

I'm a cashier and that's just the most hellish job known to man. People come through the checkouts and yell at you if the price doesn't come out right (like I'm the one that enters them into the main computer) or if there is GST (like I'm the federal government). It's okay I guess since they pay a little above minimum wage to start and the hours are pretty good plus the other people that work there are pretty cool, not to mention I'm obsessed with the managers 15 year old son (yes I know I'm almost 18).