Here I go again on my own!(free issue to the person who can tell me what song that is from and what band the lead singer used to be in). Well here I am again to entertain you, my adoring public (as small as it may be). We've come a long way baby! And I am stil going strong, but a little more seriously and a little less juvenile. We are now entering a new place in my life, an adult place if you will. Oh yes, I will be 18 years old soon (feel free to send me birthday cards and presents) and sadly no longer a student of my beloved St. Mary's High School which is where the idea for S.P.O.R.E.S. was born. So I guess good-bye to my childhood and hello to being an adult. It's a little scary I know, and I'm springing this on you a little suddenly (yeah right) so I'll give you some time to adjust. You don't have to read this issue right now, you can regroup your thoughts and come back later when you are ready.

Sadly I must say that with a recent unfavourable turn of events I might now be able to put out a paper copy of S.P.O.R.E.S. #10 for a little while (unless someone knows someone in Calgary who owns a photocopier and is willing to let me use it for free). If you want to order a paper copy of S.P.O.R.E.S (which down in my heart I know you do) then send $2 and 3 or 4 stamps to:
Michelle Danda
219 Hawkwood Drive
Calgary, Alberta
T3G 3M9
If you send change please tape it between to cards because it does roll around adn then people know you're sending money and steal the letter. Additional copies are $1.75 and more stamps accordingly. You can subscribe 7 issues for $10 and however many stamps you are willing to spare and if S.P.O.R.E.S. (God Forbid) is discontinued before I'm done those 6 more issues then I'll send you substitutes of equal value.

Um...I'm really lonely lately and I'm a little afraid (or it might just be laziness) to call up a friend to go out so Email me. Please? And hey!! Did you know that S.P.O.R.E.S. has a mailing list? I bet you didn't! If you want to join go back to the main page and sign up. If you do I promise to send you a motivational message every so often that is gauranteed to put a smile on your face (don't sue me for false advertising if it doesn't).

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