It's so funny when you see someone that you haven't seen in a couple years and they're a completely different person, not just their appearance or their personality but everything about them. So you're talking to this person and as the conversation continues you realize that this person has suddenly added new things to their past that you know never happened. As this person begins telling wonderful anecdotes about such cool things they did in their past you just want to scream "Who's life story are you telling because I know it's not yours," but you don't you just keep quiet because obviously this person feels like they have to be something they're not and create a whole new persona complete with silly anecdotes about how they lit the school bathroom on fire in junior high. And you ask yourself why? Why can't you be content with the fact that you were a geek in junior high school and had the highest average in social studies and did shop at le chateau and mariposa and you didn't have your first taste of alcohol until well into high school and didn't even know what a punk was until you were 14? Why does it matter so much what you were like five years ago because you are who you are now and it doesn't matter if in grade 4 you were a die hard Wilson Philips fan or that all you listened to was dance music in grade 7 or even that you listen to god forbid N Sync now and like them? It's bullshit dude, the magnifying glass that people put you under to make sure you're exactly like them, or else you're out of the group. And I'm not saying it's everyone because honestly I don't care if you're miss takes me 3 hours to get dressed and put on my make-up in the morning or miss hard core punk if you're a good person you're a good person and I'll appreciate that. It just kills me inside when I'm with someone who claims that they don't judge people meanwhile is labelling every person that walks down the hall. And you can't say things like be who you want to be if you really mean be who you want to be as long as it doesn't conflict with my beliefs. Honestly there are people out there who really do like wearing make up, eating meat, wearing designer clothes and listening to a type of music that you would rather die than listen to and you can't say be who you want to be if in next sentence you're saying how sorry you feel for that girl because she can't leave the house without wearing make up. Don't claim that you understand the world when you're only 16 and the only place you've been other than Calgary is Edmonton. It's bullshit dude to spew out so much crap about how you wish the world wasn't to materialistic and how we're destroying the world when your whole life you've lived in an middle class home and your parents have paid for your everything from your first car to your education. God, the world is filled with so much bullshit and I've got my fair share out there too and I don't know how to fix it but just talking about it isn't going to cut it. After so many years haven't you realized that by now?