When we were kids

So wassup with you? When I look at the friends I had in high school I don't even recognize them anymore. 90% of them I have so gradually drifted away from and I didn't even notice. Silly me every so often I miss them and I try to reignite the friendship we once had, which I realize now is completely impossible especially since I'm either afraid of them or just can't stand to be around them for mroe than 5 minutes (if a former friend is reading this now you know which of the 2 you are...I hope). When I turned 18 I had to embrace the fact that now I am no longer a child and the fact that I have to leave the past behind because everything is different now and it's killing me, but less and less every day and one day the angony will only be discomfort. Dude, I don't even write anymore, which was the one thing that kept me sane throughout my secondary school days, regardless of whether it was good, or even coherent for that matter. I am now emcompassed in science...I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I wanted to be an English teacher up until four months before I graduated from high school. My neck really hurts and I'm going to stop writing now because I'm not sp sure this piece of prose is very coherent. See you at the beach. Give me a call (you know who you are). I'm free on Tuesdays. And by the way my email is dandak@home.com