Did you ever watch M*A*S*H when you were a kid? I did because my father loved the show and made me watch the stupid reruns with him everday since we only had one television that actually worked when I wasin elementary school. I didn't really appreciate it back then and I still don't today. I loved Happy Days though, Chachi was so hot...although he's probably in his fourties today. Did you ever watch Happy Days? I find it really weird when people haven't even heard of the show. I used to watch a lot of t.v. when I was a kid, I Dream of Jeanie, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Gilligan's Island, Growing Pains, Bewitched, Golden Girls, Empty Nest etc. Television raised me (and I turned out just fine). Do you condemn television watching? Is television making you stupid? That's a load of bull dude. Television doesn't rot your mind, if it does you didn't have much of a mind to begin with. You've got to be crtical about what kinds of shows you watch though. I don't appreciate many television shows actually but I watch a lot of television. Law and Order is my favorite, if you've never seen i watch it some time because it's quality programming. I am so obsessed with the WB and all the 1 hour shows they have directed at teens and twentysomethings (in case you don't know I mean shows like Felicity, Dawson's Creek, Popular, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer etc.). Most of these shows try so hard to portray what young people are going through these days but completely miss the mark. Let's take Dawson's Creek for example. The dialogue is so not how teenagers speak, they are way to articulate even the supposed slacker of the group. They use words that I don't know the meanings of, which says a lot about my own vocabulary but I mean I read more than the average teenager and I've made it to Univeristy on partial scholarships so why is slacker boy who can express himself better than I can on my best day and has a vocabulary twice mine just barely getting D's? And their in grade 11. I hate the way the two main characters are in love but keep going out and breaking up for such stupid reasons and seem to be staying apart because they're just not meant to be together right now. Is that retarded or what? I hate the way they talk and talk and talk about things insted of actually doing them and analyze every little thing and need to give it some sort of meaning. But everything I hate about the show is what attracts me to it even more. I have to see if Dawson and Joey are finally going to get together for good this time and I have to see them spew out their so well thought out dialogue because it's so completely not close to reality at all, as many t.v. shows are. Watch the show, you'll understand.

Buffy the Vampire slayer was a good movie ( know many people out there hated it, but I loved it). If you haven't seen it go rent it. Buffy the t.v. show however, though the critics rave about it, isn't that great. The character of Buffy is just written so badly and Sarah Michelle Geller just makes me hate her mainly because she talks funny. Actually Buffy and Willow, her budding witch side kick both talk funny and it really bothers me.

So how sad am I writing about the shows I watch on t.v.? Well you can decide that. Just wondering when there will be a show on television that actually portrays teenagers the way they are instead of the way some 40 year old writer sees them Well there was My so-called life so many years ago and a lot of you probably don't even remember the show...or may be to young to have seen it. And there was also Degrassi High, which I personally loved although that was on a long time ago too and it was a Canadian show so I doubt many Americans have seen it, but if you have you know what I'm talking about. I'm getting old dude; pretty soon I won't even be a teenager anymore and then what am I going to bitch about?