my brother goes into my room and looks through my things. I don't know what else he does in there, maybe he tries on my clothes or something but I don't really want to know. One day I'll walk into my room and see him prancing around in a bra and panties. Whatever. What he wants to do with his own time is none of my business. It's so funny though because he'll go in there specifically searching for things that will get me in trouble with my parents, and of course there's none because I lead a very boring life. But lately I've had the suspicion that he also goes in there when he needs some cash and my parents won't give him any. Wierdo. I'd rather not think about it. Some people get along so well with their siblings and I can't stand to be in the same room with mine, not so much because we don't get along, he just creeps me out. He's so fascinated with everything in my life, it's like he's obsessed with me. I already feel uncomfortable enough around my father and now the discomfort I feel around my brother is unimaginable.

Two months ago he decided that instead of taking what he wants to take in univeristy he's going to enroll in all of the exact same classes as me so we can work together when we study and do assignments, like that's a brilliant plan. Who does that? I want to (I think but I change my mind every 5 minutes) major in Psych and international commerce neither one of which he has taken a single class in during his previous two years of university.