Oh how I wish life was a little easier, not even life really, just school. I just failed my Chemistry mid-term, failed it miserably and I have no idea how that was even possible since we were allowed to bring in a sheet of notes with us and I studied all day. I did even worse that a chem mid-term last semester that I never even studied for. It's retarded because I thought I was actually understanding the material when I read the chapters and did the practice problems but obviously I didn't know it at all because I only got like 4 questions right. Chemistry is the most awful class I have ever taken. I cannot imagine anyone in that class actually loving chemistry and dreaming of a career in chemistry.

Univeristy is hard. When you see those shows on television with people in univeristy that never even crack a book all semester and still someone manage to pass it's all a lie. My life is studying and I imagine the next four years will be more of the same because it doesn't get easier it gets harder. You know how is was in high school grade ten was hard, grade 11 was a llittle easier and by grade 12 well that was honour role all the way. Dude I never failed a class before this year and at $600 a class you just want to cry.