Why is where we come from so important? Think about this; I am in university right now, I am on my way to a BA in Soci and a BSc in Psych and hopefully on to a MBA after that and none of that would have been possible if I wasn't born into a upper middle class family with a hardworking mother and father that instilled in me the beliefs that I could be anything I wanted to be. It sucks to think about it but if I did grow up in a working class family I probably couldn't have done half of the things I had done in my life up to this point. We think that we are so in control of our lives and that we decide what we do, who we hang with and what we will grow up to be but society has a huge part to play. If I wasn't in a first world country, with two immigrant parents who live in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs I wouldn't have had many of the oppotunities that have come my way.