I'm so sick right now. My little throaty feels like theres a kitten in there clawing away at my esophagous. Stop kitty, you're hurting me, what did I ever do to you but love you. Is this how you treat the people who love you? Okay, so anyway I'm going on a road trip to Edmonton on Monday to go shopping at the biggest mall in the world. You know what? I'm not even sure it is the biggest mall in the world anymore...they should expand it and regain the title. I never really enjoyed shopping unitol I began university and worked at Zellers. Having no time for a life and working in the mall but not being able to walk through the mall really brought out my shopping instincts and now I've just got to spend thousands of dollars at a stupid big mall just because I couldn't before. So I've never been on a road trip before, I've never even really driven a car on my own until a couple months ago and now I'm driving all the way to Edmonton to potentially kill myself and four friends in a head on collision with a natural gas truck. Frankly my dear driving makes me nervous. All the pressure.... Today I made the realization that I will never be a teen pop sensation, unless I somehow manage to get discovered, signed record my first album and release my first number 1 single all within the next year. I know what you're thinking, "You can do it Michelle, if you just put your mind to it," and maybe I can, but in case that falls through I'll always have univeristy to fall back on.