It's hard living in this house, having to listen to the constant arguments and ear piercing screaming day in and day out. It's hard living here when it seems the only goal of everyone is to make your life a living hell and try and make you fail at everything you do. I hate sitting here attempting to write something coherent while my brother sits in the family room, television blaring at full volume and his voice uttering complete nonsense at full volume simply to make anyone else within hearing proximity unable to hold a thought in their head for more than a second before the noise drowns it out. I hate having to come home every night to my parents screaming at each other for anything that they can think of. I hate my father standing behind me, watching me like some sort of wierdo while I sit here typing away because he cannot think of anything better to do than stare. I

I wake up every morning wanting to leave but having no choice but to stay. There are no moments of peace unless I am sitting in an empty house which is next to never. It seems it is everyone's goal to make everyone feel worse in order to feel better about themselves because who's number one?