Yay fo' me. I'm going to Toronto on Sunday August 27th 2000 until Sunday September 3rd 2000. I'm going with my brother since my mother suddenly changed her mind and didn't want to go with me and there was no way I was going alone. So now I'm not just staying home all summer picking my nose I'm returning to the place of my birth. So if you're in the Etobicoke area or even just the Toronto area drop me a line and we can chill...I'm such a wierdo.

I've lived in Calgary for ten years now. For a decade I've been trapped in this godforsaken place where houses and condos are built in a flash of an eye. Seriously, they just built a new gas station at the Safeway down the street and I swear two weeks before when I went grocery shopping all that was there was a hole dug in the ground.

Honey, I think I'm dying. Are you ever so afraid that something will be too hard that you don't even want to bother trying because you're too scared of the thought that you might fail? That's my life right there, summarized in a handful of words and a life-time of tears.