. Sibling Rivalry

Okay so my brother came home wasted last saturday, ooh and boy did my parents like that. He got so fucken wasted at some guys house and his ex girlfriend had to call my mom to come and pick him up at 2 o'clock in the morning. I thought they'd rip his fuckn head off, but me being me was wrong as usual. What did he get? a fucken slap on the wrist. My paretns told him "Make sure you never sleep over at someone's house when you're drunk again, you don't want to be a burnden on their parents." That's exactly what they said. What the fuck is that? If I came home drunk (which I wouldn't do because I don't drink) they'd lock me in my room and lay this gigantsaurus guilt trip on me about how i'm becoming so stupid and a slut and should go live on the street (not that they don't already do this, they'd just do it more). I swear my brother is their little angel. What do they think he does every saturday when he says he's going to a party, and no nobody's parents will be there. Do they he everyone sits around playing tidly winks or something? Oh that was just a one time thing, yeah right thats why he doesn't sleep at home on the weekends, and smells like pot when he comes home. Nothing he does is bad, i'm the only child in the family that smokes dope, fucks around (which I don't do, but my parents can think whatever they want about me), and is a little alcoholic. So my brother was sleeping most of the next day with a hangover, so my parents started giving me the lecture they shold have been giving him. When my bro does something bad it's obvioulsy never his fault, it's my influence on him, or his friends influence. My influence? He's a year and a fucken half older than me and I don't do half of the bad shit he's into. All my parents can see is my hair dye and body piercing, which apparently makes me worth about as much as a kid living on the street rolling people and stealing cars to make it by. And they have actually said that to me too, oh yeah they've threatened to kick me out of the house, so I can be the prostitue that I really want to be because I got my tongue pierced. Emily is just a little alcoholic friend of mine, because she slept over at my house a few months ago when she got drunk and we didn't exactly know the people who threw the party she got drunk at. I call this being a good friend, my parents say I'm just being a bad influence. Yeah like I forced her to drink so I could baby sit her all night and sit with her in the bathroom while she threw up. oh and this is a good one, my parents told me, while they were giving me the lecture, that if I ever (yeah just me) did drugs (apparently it's okay for my brother to) they'd smell it on me right away. Yeah right, I've come home stoned so many times it's not even funny, one week I was high every single day, and did they notice? Hell no. BUt I'm done with that period of my life. I'm not stupid I can control my life after all it's my life. They should just stay the fuck out of it, and work on controlling my brother because I know that a little too much freedom and trusting goes a way too long way.