You know how it is when you just see someone crying and you want to go up to them give them a hug and say "everything will be all right", even when you know it won't be? Yeah, I'm one of those people. I start crying if one of my friends starts crying, I cry for them, I want to share the pain so they don't need to feel it. But it doesn't work does it? A bunch of words you try to say to get their mind off the pain.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that everything always turns out all right in the end, and it always does, for me anyways. I hit lows but something always comes along to make me feel better again. When I see one of my friends cry I want it to be all okay for them again. But sometimes it just won't be. And I get scared. Because if you know you couldn't help them, then how can they help you if you're scraping bottom? I have a lot of problems, not ones I'm willing to share, and I always used to think "no one has it worse than me", but then I turn around and someone is worse off then me. That's why I think I'm just about the happiest person out of my group of friends. I'm the one with the least problems. I haven't hit a real low since maybe grade 7. The only reason you'll see me cry is because I'm super sensitive to certain things. You can be making fun of me, joking with me and I won't care but as soon as you touch on certain subjects I will start bawling. I cry for little things, things that I easily get over, because I could never be mad at anyone for extended periods of time. But I'm also the one who never tells anyone if I'm planning on killing myself tomorrow (not that I am), or if you're pissing me off and I want your head on a stick. You can find me dead in the bathtub tomorrow and think "wow, she was always so happy". Not everything is how it appears to be. So scratch beneath the surface.
p.s. this is not a cry for help, so don't take it too seriously