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What is up with homophobics? The fear of homosexuals. I just cannot grasp this concept. How can anyone possibly hate others based solely on their sexual preference? It all seems kind of stupid to me. Yeah, let's go beat up some innocent guy/girl because he/she is attracted to someone of the same sex. You don't see all that many gay people beating up straight people because they are attracted to the opposite sex do you? Violence is wrong no matter what the situation. It should not be taken another step further into the region of pointlessness.

What's all this bullshit about liking the same sex not being natural? Just what is so un-natural about it? Procreation my ass. That is not the only reason to have a relationship with someone. What about love? If you fall in love with a person of the same sex, so be it. It's something to be happy about not something to live in fear because of. Straight people do not just wake up one morning and say "Hey! You know today I am feeling kind of gay. It's a gay kind of day. I'm gonna go grab me a same sex partner and have some wild crazy AIDS sex." Yeah I'm sure that happens very often.

Homosexuality is not a disease. It is not something that should be frowned upon. But it also should not be treated with sympathy. "Oh I'm so sorry you're gay." Like I hear people tell me their so sorry I'm straight all of the time. It's not a drawback it's not an anything. And I do not understand why society places so much emphasis on sexual preference.

When I was in jr. high I did not know one gay or bisexual person. Now I do have gay and bisexual friends and that has not changed my friendship with them at all. Why should it? In my highschool people are not ostracized because of their sexual preference. Sometimes it's nice to know that you don't have to be afraid of getting your ass kicked because you want the football star instead of the head cheerleader.
p.s. Who you date, or sleep with is personal, so just because it is not the mainstream that doesn't give anyone the right to exploit it.

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