A picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words is it worth when it strikes you absolutely speechless? God! How long did I sit on that snowy bench in front of that bus stop wishing that he would come back and tell me that it wasn't really true, that my life wasn't suddenly shattered into a million invisible pieces. When I left my house this morning it never even occurred to me that anything was even slightly odd within the comfort of my own stable life...yet everything thing I now see was a full fledged mess that I simply chose not to see.

This morning I strolled into my first period class late yet again due to my busy cafeteria lounging schedule. Something was different aboutthe class though, something was not right. When I entered the silent classroom all eyes turned to me, "What are you all staring at?" I sneered forcing the accusing eyes to hesitantly turn back to the focal point of the room, the naked man standing in front of the black board. Whoa! What's he doing there I thought doing a double take, oh that's not a naked man that's the teacher. She didn't even take het eyes off the class when I walked in, knowing that I was the only possible suspect to the crime, unworthy of any of her precious time. I despised her with a passion and she returned the feeling. Ms. So-and-So , young, beautiful, everyone loved her. I was the only student in the class, possibly in the school who had enough good sense to hate her; I was the only one in the school who could see through her "I'm young. I'm hip. I'm a cool teacher" act probably because I was the only one looking. I would never fall for her bullshit act and she knew it, I suppose that's why she disliked me so.

I sat for the remainder of the period with my head on the desk refusing to take part in the class discussion listening half asleep to the bullshit pieces of mind from my fellow classmates. Oh God maybe they could organize some form of rational, meaningful tought if they could get their lips away from the teacher's ass for two seconds. That's the beauty part of being in a grade twelve honors class, everyone knows that they need this mark to get into university and get their precious scholarships so they're already in ass kiss mode waiting for those pants to drop. I could give a fuck about how much the teacher loves me because I have the satisfaction of knowing the teacher still has to mark objectively by law.