Jerry Springer= American Hero

Is thhe above statement true? Some seem to believe so. North America worships Jerry Springer, loyally tuning in to his trashy program every day, going to see his cheesy movie, and regurgitating what happened the previous night on Springer amongst their friends. A little sick? i think so.

Jerry Springer is not a hero...he's a money hungry American that knows the average person enjoys watching all the bullshit which he tries to pass off as a legitimate, quality television programing when all the show really is is a gimmick. Yes it's true many people enjoy watching those who are better off than themselves, I supppose because it gives them hope that maybe their life isn't as pathetic as they believe. I think it's sickening the number of people who tune into Jarry Springer three or four times a day (because that's how many times it's on and I'm pretty sure it's a different episisode every time).

It may be funny, it may be entertaining (for the first two seconds) but all it amounts to is mindless cow poo that will eventually rot your mind. There are so many better things you could be doing with your precious time, like flying a kite (when was the last time you did that?). It is hard for me to believe that Jerry Springer is the highest rated talk show on television beating out shows I love like Oprah who actually try to help people. Oh yes I know how endearing that famous last word of his is and exactly how much thought it provokes among so many intelligent minds who don't give a shit what he actually has to say because all anyone really wants to see is a good fight, or some freaky lesbian twins who have sex with each other. Oh God it's hard to press that off button on the remote control when the likes of Jerry Springer is controlling your mind.