As usual my crew went to a gig last friday. It was a the Capitol Hill community center and it got busted by a buncha cops at around 11:00 which sucked because I didn't get to see Knucklehead and I love them Knucklehead kids. I guess the part of the show that did go on was okay, taking into consideration the fact that for about two hours I felt like shit because I don't even know why. It was kind of wierd. I haven't felt like shit at a gig since November. The hall was too dark, there were too many people there, and I felt like I was completely alone, even though my entire crew was there with me. Usually gigs make me happy, and there are few things in this world that make me happy.

I did have fun eventually though. I am a gig geek so it was inevitable that I would regain my hyperactive I'm so retarded qualities. I would have really liked to see Knucklehead though, listening to them always cheers me up. Stupid cops, bust the fucken gig. Residential areas suck. So do cops. Oh well there's always next time and since me an Emily are gig junkies there will be a next time.