It's no mystery that this world isn't exactly the safest, most morally sound place. Ideally if I could I would live in a world where their was no senseless war, murder, crime, abuse, etc. I would want to live in a world where people did feel safe enough to walk the streets at night because no attacker would be waiting in the shadows to rob, murder and rape me. I would want to live in a world where a I acutally felt like my children would be safe and happy as opposed to destined to live in a crime ridden, violencce obsessed world. This is not the world today, but it could be the world tomorrow. I do want to make this world a better place and I know S.P.O.R.E.S. is an extremely small place to start but if people read the things I write and just think "yeah" then it's a start. There is so much injustice in the world from the recent legalization to be in possession of child pornography, to the epidemic of kids killing kids and it's not how I want this world we live in to be. We deserve more and dammit we all have to do something about it. It is not right for Hammerskins to run around my city beating up black kids because they are black and white kids because they are too smart to be Hammerskins. I do not understand how in this day and age Supremesists of any race can exist because we are all equal. No race to more intelligent or better than any other race, yet many people are unwilling to listen to and understand that. It is not right for rapists to get away with their crimes or serve such little time in prison for taking away someone's self-worth. It is not right for the kids in my school to look up to the violent gangs of New York or Los Angeles because murder and drug dealing is not something anyone should look up to. It makes me sick to think that there are children in my school who carry guns, are in gangs, beat up innocent people for no reason, resort to violence to settle any and all disagreements and view this as a "cool" and respectable way of life. I want to vomit on the kids I see in my city that attempt to be more like people living in the ghetto of South Central LA because they idolize rappers from their who glorify violence, drug use, promiscuous sex etc. I want to vomit on the kids in my city who attempt to speak in ebonics even though they are white and live in $300, 000 homes with their two parents, little sister and dog simply because that is the way their favorite Rap Artist, or R and B singer speaks. I hate the way 60% of my school actually look up to drug dealers, gang members, rapists, murderers etc. simply because the music industry has made them famous regardless of their backgroud, private life etc. I hate the way people here in Canada look up to the United States even though their crime and murder rates are much higher, simply because the United States is the SUPERPOWER. I hate the way children around the world are starving because big corporations have all the food and do not want to share. I hate the way my province has the high teen pregnancy rate, and the highest crime rate in Canada. Something has to be done about it...and maybe I am just talk for now but one day I will make this world a better place because it has so much potential.
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