Why go Vegetarian?

Once upon a time I was a carnivore. I ate hundreds of pounds of ground beef, and ham. One day I decided to stop being a carnivore, that's when I became a vegitarian. That was in August of 1997... not too long ago by any standard. I no longer eat innocent dead animals however if you are not a vegetarian that's fine you have a right to live your life the way you want to live it and consume whatever you want to.

I'm a vegetarian because I think that eating things that were once alive with brains and feelings is morally wrong. Long ago animals were killed and consumed as they needed to be for essential purposes only. Today animals are bred and slaughtered in excess in order to fulfill the demands of an overconsuming, unhealthy, materialistic society. The issue of eating meat becomes an issue when excess amounts of cattle, pigs, and poultry are bred in order to freshly stock supermarket shelves and fill the pockets of corporate America with cash. It is wrong to cut down rain forest in order to graze more cattle to make more money while the Earth is suffocating. It is wrong to shovel incredible amounts of grains into the mouths of livestock while half of the world is starving. I am not a vegetarian simply because the animal I consume once had a face, but because this animal died as well as millions of others in order to make someone richer. That is wrong.

But, the rest of the world is entitled to their own opinion. Once an animal is dead, that is that. Crying for the poor slaughtered cow sitting on the grocery store shelf will not do anything. Spray painting the mink jacket will not bring the animal back to life. Nothing will change until more of the world realizes that comsuming animals in as much excess as North Americans do is wrong. Eat because you are hungry, not because the food is there.