Okay...I've been waiting for 10 months and guess what the wait is over because another summer is again upon us. School is over, and there will be no more homework (until tomarrow) because school doesn't start (for all you smart kids that passed all of your classes) until September.

I've noticed that as I grow older there seems to be more stuff to do, and more people to hang out with during summer. When I was a mere junior high child summer consisted of going to the mall a couple of times a week and watching t.v. in my pajamas all day the rest of the week. Now that I have friends there is a whole assortment of things to do during summer. If you're in Calgary you can go to a gig, go to summer school, go for coffee, go play in a park, frolick in the water at Olympic Plaza or Prince's Island park, go to a friends house, walk down 17th ave, walk through Kensington, get a tattoo, get something pierced (did you know there's a new body piercing shop in Kensington? I didn't), go fly a kite, bake some bread, drive to Banff, go jogging, paint a picture, read a book, go to the Stampede, go to the ZOO (the one in San Diego is better, trust me), take public transit all day, walk down the street naked and not get frost bitten, and a whole shitload more.

Summer, I think, is the best time of the year. There is no pressure of homework waiting in your backpack, lurking, just waiting to be finished because it's due on Monday. Well Monday is Saturday, and everyday melds into one big day called Summer vacation. There's no snow on the ground (but hey, this is Clagary, it could snow tomarrow). You can wear shorts. The sun is out and everyone is happy. Ah yes, it's finally summer. So enjoy it while you can because there's only eight weeks of it left.