If I tell you a secret will you hold it against me? I still don't trust you. Should I trust you? Come on...give me a reason to trust you. It's okay I don't really have a secret. I don't really have any secrets. Why don't I have any secrets? That's kind of odd wouldn't you say? Anything you want to know about me I will tell you, and dammit it will not be a lie, because I am such an open and honest person.

Can I tell you a scret? If I ever get into a fight with you (I just remembered Nadine owes me five bucks, if you see her tell her to give it to me) I will always be the first person to admit that they are wrong because I cannot stand the fact that someone is mad at me, even if I am mad at them. NO it does not matter if they are wrong, I will apologize in order to realease the tension of misguided "I HATE YOU"'s.

HAve you ever wondered what love really is? We say it to people all the time. I love my cat. I love my family. I love the color blue. I love my boyfriend. What is love really? I think it means different things to different people. When I say I love my boyfriend I mean I would give my life to save his. I mean that I could spend ten days with him in a van and not get sick of him, if anything I would adore him even more. When I say I love the color blue I mean I wear something blue everyday, whether it be my socks, my shoes, my undies, etc. Love is a wonderful thing (So Michael Bolten said). Cherish it, it doesn't come easy.

The Bible, it says to love everyone (I think it does, Catholic school girl Michelle doesn't read it all that much) but have you ever thoughtr if everyone loved everyone else what would love be worth? Not much. If love was spread around the world equally then sure we would all get along much better, but it would also be half bullshit. How can I love people on the other side of the world who I have never met, and probably will never meet? UN conditionnel love and equal love for all are different things. I love my family unconditionally. I am connected to my family in a way I can never be connect to any other people on this planet. So why would God want me to love the person who killed my uncle as much as my uncle? I would love my enemy as much as I love my mother. HOw could that be possible? I do not know, hard situation for me to grasp. SO in the meantime I will stick to loving who I see fit. I LOVE YOU! or do i?