Violence, Is it becoming our only answer?

I am so fucken tired it's not even funny. I'm almost half way through grade 12...I don't know if I can make it through the other half. I thought I had mono for the last six months but it turns out I was just really bored...A couple months ago it might have been on new years eve, I'm not even sure anymore because every memory is slowly beginning to blur together, a boy was murdered at a house party because he was trying to crash it. This may not even be the correct story, if you know otherwise please tell my I am mistaken and I'll re-write it. Still the message I am desperately trying to send to you remains. A boy was fatally stabbed because he wanted to go to a party. Does something about this also not gel with you? This innocent boy was killed simply because he and some friends wanted to mingle with some new people. He was killed and what does the city of Calgary do? Nothing apparently. We cry for him, we say the violence has to stop, but essentially we do nothing. I do not understand what is happening to the world. I do not understand what is happening to the city I live in, the city I love.

Every year there are more and more murders happening in, safe Calgary. I know many of you will be astonished when I tell you that the average number of murders in this city a year is a round 12-15 because perhaps where you live there is 12-15 murders a day...but keep in mind this is Canada, and this is the peaceful, sedate city of Calgary. People come here to get away from the violence in their present world because there is such a low murder rate here, but unfortunately that looks like it is rapidly changing. I hate the fact that everywhere I turn I see kids my age or younger who are constantly getting into fights, constantly kicking someone's ass because of reasons as petty as "So and so said shit about me", or "He cheated on my and he's not going to get away with that". I do not understand how one person can possibly harm's even more difficult to understand how one person can harm another simply because a friend told them If you know please explain it to me because thinking about how we all treat each other these days makes me want to cry...honestly. What is wrong with the world when we're evolved into such advanced thinking beings that still have to settle things with our fists rather than our minds? is it possible that we have come full circle and now we are resorting back to the methods of our ancestors who could only see one plausible answer to every problem, VIOLENCE. It's such a magical word, such a powerful word, but such an abused method of dealing with conflicts.

How can anyone stand living in a world where the idea of the human race eventually killing themselves is not only an idea, but our future. I think it's time for us to change. I do not want to watch the world I live in crumble before my very eyes because it's too hard to talk to people. It's not easier or braver to stab someone with a knife, or shoot them with a gun. When are we going to wake up and realize that hitting someone is not a show of power it's a show of stupidity. When are we going to realize that the only message beating someone to a bloody pulp gets across is that one day soon it will happen to you. I don't want to be raped in a parking lot...I don't want to have my face smashed in by a jealous girlfriend...I don't want skin heads to chase after me at night...I don't want it...So I'm trying to change it. Change it with me.

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