Stop Screaming at me because you love me!

My nose is soooooo plugged right now! It fucken sucks! HELP ME! Oh Jesus, I graduate in less than six months...I'm scared. I have to loose some weight so I look good at grad. Here in Calgary we don't have proms, we have grad night which is similar to a prom in every wayt it's just not called the prom. Last year I went to one of my grade 12 friend's grad with my boyfriend and it was fun...I wore a tux...I was one of two girls wearing a tux.Why a tux, you ask? Because I was mu friend Anna's date so I thought it appropriate to wear a tux. I know what you're thinking and oh no I was not the only female there wearing a tux the little biker chick lesbian was wearing one too...and I thought that mighty cool...I am not a lesbian. This year I will wear a dress to grad, I just have to find the perfect dress...I want it to be pink because pink is where it's at. I'm going to dye my hair the same color as my grad dress... I just remembered I had a dream last night about this guy who was in a band with one of my ex boyfriends once...he kept trying to talk to me but I kept walking away (not my ex-boyfriend, his friend). Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah quite a few people do not want to attend grad this year and I cannot understand why because it's like the big end to our grade school career. 12 years of waking up early and getting on that bus ending in a black tux, or princess prom dress. 12 years of studying for tests and staying up all night partying ending with getting drunk with all your high shcool friends one last time and losing your virginity to your date. I want to go swimming on grad night...that would be awesome...going to some hotel and swimming drunk and in my underwear with a hundred other kids...I think someone should plan that because it would be awesome...yeah it would be...we have to go out with a bang because hey we're the last graduating class of the millenuem and that is something to be proud of.