Since maybe there is a slight possibility that more people will visit this page in the near future maybe i will start updating this page again maybe. But I am so fucken lazy and I hate the fucken internet. Just so ya know. now SPORES will be better. Cuz tyson is joining. And he's better at this computer shit.
p.s. my email address changed to so send email here or fill in the guestbook, that'd be better even though I never actually check that either. Oh well. I figure I should write some new text and fix up all of this shit by the end of christmas holidays. Thank you for your patience. I love you all, especially you :)

*Mail Update*

p.s. I bet some of you guys are sending me mail, but I'm getting exactly no mail so make really really sure that my address is really really correct and email me if you're actually sending me a letter. Or maybe I should get a P.O. box, that could possibly be a better idea...well maybe one day when more people actually start paying for s.p.o.r.e.s. Okay, but anyways here's the deal if you're visiting this and you want a copy of S.p.o.r.e.s and you live in calgary come up to me and give me the money directly okay? And if you've sent me letter and haven'g gotten a response yet than dammit email me and tell me what's up because i haven't gotten any mail in months.