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Well I see you're interested in joining my webring, well that's a good start. It's easy to join and I accept just about any site as long as they sucumb to these terms:
1) You have to put the html fragment below on your page.
2) You have to have a site somehow related to breaking down the stereotypes and bullshit that mainstream Western Civilization has been feeding us for much too long.
3) You must shave off all of your body hair.
See it's easy to join!

So you want to join my webring eh?
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<center> <table BORDER="3" CELLSPACING="1" CELLPADDING="2" BGCOLOR="#000000"> <tr> <td><a HREF=";home" target="_top"><img WIDTH="170" HEIGHT="194" ALT="[I WANT TO BE HEARD! Webring Home]" BORDER="0" ALIGN="Middle" SRC=""></a></td> <td><p ALIGN="Center"> <b><font face="Arial"><font COLOR="#FFFFFF"><small>This<br>I WANT TO BE HEARD!<br> site owned by<br> <a href="">Michelle Danda</a>.<small><br> <font size="-1"> [ <a href=";id=1;prev5">Previous 5 Sites</a> | <a href=";id=1;sprev">Skip Previous</a> | <a href=";id=1;prev">Previous</a> | <a href=";id=1;next">Next</a> | <a href=";id=1;skip">Skip Next</a> | <a href=";random">Random Site</a> | <a href=";list">List Sites</a> ] </table> </tr> </td> </center>

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